OBI Shopping center Michalovce

Заказчик:Slovak Retail Project Gamma k.s
Подрядчик:Chemkostav, a.s.
Время реализации:Ноябрь, 2020 - Июль, 2021


The project is being implemented with the intention of building a shopping center on ul. Sobranecký due to the improvement and expansion of the business and sales offer. Shopping center No. 1 is proposed within the 1st stage of construction of the Shopping Park complex. The building consists of 7 dispositional and structural units of rectangular floor plans. The main entrance building is 2-storey. The main exhibition and sales hall and the adjacent 4 exhibition and sales halls (heated, covered and 2 uncovered) are 1-storey buildings. The technical background with the receiving hall of the goods is a partly 2-storey building. The whole building is not basement covered with flat roofs, respectively. saddle roofs. The basic construction system is a reinforced concrete skeleton of the hall type with a supporting roof structure made of trapezoidal sheets. The construction system of the side exhibition and sales halls is a steel skeleton covered with thermal insulation sandwich panels with a mineral core and glazed skylights. The perimeter cladding is made of thermal insulation sandwich panels with a mineral core. Sales and sales area is solved in 5 layout units - main hall, secondary heated hall, covered outdoor hall and 2 uncovered outdoor hall. Parking capacity total 270 places. The shopping center will offer a wide range of goods.


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