Infrastructure development and upgrading of facilities at the Technical University in Košice in order to improve the conditions of the educational process

Beneficiary:Technical University in Košice
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:May, 2012 - August, 2013

Basic information

The basic intention is to expand existing facilities and laboratories and to establish a modern universal teaching- laboratory center, which is a requirement for the successful university activity, which does not want to lose a pace with developments in the world.
The project includes construction works of TU Faculty of Arts area. While working, the rearrangements of toilet facilities are planned and subsequently the reconstruction of electrical wiring, lighting, heating and water pipes and sewers will be performed in the entire building.
Project along the Faculty of Arts modifications, also addresses the reconstruction of two existing halls and two courtyards espousal that is located between the halls.
This is the reconstruction and extension of buildings PK 10 and PK 12. Both buildings serve as a laboratory space for various departments of the university. Within the project, the north annex of building PK 10 and premises to building PK 12 will be sanitized, the interior will be reconstructed and the distribution of central heating, sanitary, electrical and HVAC will also be replaced. After the reconstruction the buildings will continue to serve to the initial user as the laboratory space.
Premises PK 10a and PK 12a are single-deck steel halls, to which follow a two-storey disposition three track of auxiliary operations, where in the future it envisages the possibility of further extensions of extra three floors. Addition of PK 10a will serve as a laboratory for teaching in the field of testing from construction materials, as well as the Center of Excellence for TU Civil Engineering. Addition of PK 12a will serve as a teaching laboratory.