Gemerská Ves - Infrastructure

Beneficiary:Obec Gemerská Ves
Supplier:Chemkostav a.s.
Construction duration:April, 2012 - February, 2014

Basic information

Village Gemerská Ves is located in the district Revúca at the foot of South Slovakian basin. In the village live 935 people,
including 431 Gypsies. The Gypsy community is mostly concentrated in the eastern part of the village, in the area of the
former SM. Due to lack of employment opportunities; we can include to non-advantage social groups, non-Gypsy population.

Gemerská Ves - Infrastructure solves the fields in the village as supplies of drinking water, respectively completion of the public water supply in the area inhabited by the Gypsy community, collection and treatment of wastewater, communication within access to Gypsy settlement, electrical distribution and public lighting.