Completion of a sewage system in the agglomeration of village Čachtice

Beneficiary:Combin Banská Štiavnica s.r.o. (beneficiary)
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s. (a group of contractors)
Construction duration:September, 2012 - September, 2013

Basic information

The sewerage in the village Čachtice is built only partially, mainly in the central part of the village that drains away sewage from houses and infrastructure in the existing water treatment plant. Within this project a completion of sewage system throughout the village Čachtice is designed.
Since the vast majority of sewage will be stored under the local roads and state road, construction of sewer collectors needs to be implemented in 50 m long sections according to approved project of temporary road signs. Also the implementation of one pressure under the rail will be executed during the project implementation. Company Chemkostav, a. s. Michalovce will build a part of sewer network. This section of sewer network labeled as sewer collector "AA" will take place on the street Kamence and gradually will move on the street Fraňa Kráľa, followed by an impale under the railway line and continues down the street Železničná in the direction out of the village to the last house. The total length of sewers, which will be implemented by Chemkostav, a. s. Michalovce is 1,106.6 meters.