Shopping center in Bardejov

Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:May, 2013 - November, 2013

Basic information

Object of shopping center is designed with a rectangular ground plan with sides 100,14 x 46,14 m and from the north side will be built the part to it for receiving the goods and the waste removal. The building of the mart consists of two-aisle single-storey, in a part two-storey reinforced concrete skeleton. The bulk of the exterior walls will be covered with corrugated metal cladding with regular horizontal structure. The entire building will be covered with a flat roof with a saddle-shaped slope. Front of the building from the east side is placed the main car park for customers of entire shopping premises.

The mart is inside divided into a number of operating segments. Apart from the commercial space there will be a passage and leasable commercial units. The project also includes the technical facilities, background and supply yard of the mart. The standard is the administrative part with the social and sanitary facilities for staff. Changing rooms and washrooms for staff are dimensioned to 80 people working in the mart in two shifts.
The total built-up area under the project design is 5 191,15 square meters.