Reconstruction and modernization of facilities for the elderly and homes of social services in Trebišov

Beneficiary:Košický samosprávny kraj
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:April, 2013 - October, 2014

Basic information

The main purpose of reconstruction of Facilities for the elderly and homes of social services in Trebišov is to create better conditions for accommodation of pensioners, access of object for disabled citizens, removing defects of object´s original flat roof, creating better conditions for relaxation, recreation and health care of retired people and replacement of old storage water heaters for solar collectors.

The whole complex of this facility consists of four free-standing objects that are interconnected, thus allowing access to all parts by dry feet. After completion, there will be, in a four-storey pavilion A, as well as in the pavilion B, especially higher standard rooms with a separate hygiene, including replacing the windows and doors. Also by off- set of elevators, the severely disabled will have the access to the whole complex. It´s also counted with new insulated roof structure, where the sloping hipped roof will be covered with asphalt shingles and with insulation of external walls of buildings, by which their thermal nature will be improved.

Quite a significant change will also occur in the pavilion C, which creates the main entrance to the complex. Existing facilities will be changed to the zone of rehabilitation and relaxation. To the resting room, the whirlpool, sauna, sun beds, shower and container to cool the feet will be added. Then there the toilet for handicapped, cloakroom with shower, electrotherapy and room for massage will arise.

Novelty is also more economical solution of domestic hot water for the entire complex. This will be ensured by fitting 3 new bivalent water reservoirs. Two tanks are connected to a system of solar collectors and in one tank will be provided heating up of hot water from an existing distributor, collector. The total number of superficial solar collectors, which will be installed on the roof, is set at 20 units.

All work will be carried out only by changing disposition of existing premises. Reconstruction will not significantly change architectural look of the property.