Completion of western garage in Business Center Košice II

Beneficiary:VSH Development, a.s.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:April, 2016 - August, 2016

Basic information

Area of former Industrial Bank (Business Centre Košice I) and Business Centre Košice II is located in western end of Štúrová streeet, which is part of the most important traffic artery connected to the historical center. Investor initiative is to increase the maximum potential of parking lots on already existing property in the west part of area, where the possibility of parking already is on the roof of BCK I parking. Parking is connected to the Čajková street, what is in line with regional planning. Increase of parking lots on the east part of the area, which is connected to Kuzmányho street is not yet addressed.

Extension of ceiling board above the current parking in western part of object will increase the parking capacity. New parking will be on the roof of current parking and will be connected to the Čjaková street through new ramp. Support system of extensions is using current system in the basement, which are strengthen with micro piles under the steel pillars and iron-concrete walls. Exterior staircase will be connecting the levels of 1st overhead floor and 2nd overhead floor. Realization of whole project will increase the parking capacity by 22 parking lots, 1st overhead floor will have 29 parking lots and new 2nd overhead floor will have 27 parking lots.