The HP production area in Považany

Beneficiary:HP, s.r.o.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:January, 2005 - January, 2006

Basic information

The plastic wrapping production, technical products packaging, and plastic waste recycling represent the main part of production of the HP company residing in Považany. The former area of the company has been extended by new administrative premises of the company, other facilities for the employees, and new warehousing and production premises. Part of the new area is represented by an administrative-operation building and production-warehousing shop with dispatch both of which are functionally and dispositionally interconnected.

The base of the production-warehousing shop is represented by the skeleton ferroconcrete structure with one storey consisting of three independent ships. One of the ships serves for the storage and in the back part it serves for dispatching of the finished products. At the same time this part of the object represents noise barrier of the middle ship at the place of which there is the production placed. The outlying ship represents the noise barrier between the pressing shop and surrounding environment and there is situated an engineering shop, the dispatch with the assemblage and in the back part there is a material warehouse situated.

The administrative building of the rectangular shape is a single storied building within the entire ground plan. The building has got two main and two subsidiary entrances. The entrance leading into the object represents the dominant part of the entire object of the administrative building and it attracts attention due to its glass premises behind the door and gantry facing. The entrance hall is specific because of its so-called waiting zone – sitting room for visitors along with the products exhibition of the company. The project has dealt with the building up of the necessary infrastructure maintaining the already existing distribution systems.

Build-up area 3685,38 m2.