Refinery for Spirit Production in Hniezdne

Beneficiary:BGV, s.r.o., Hniezdne
Supplier:Chemkostav a.s.
Construction duration:June, 2002 - October, 2002

Basic information

Newly built compound object of boiler room and administration building is located in the village of Hniezdne. The construction in question is used for clear spirit for food-processing and pharmaceutical purposes. Its main operational sets are fermented tanks, distillation column, and rustless cylinder tanks for storing of spirit. The object of boiler room is used for production of technological steam, which continues in chemical water adjustment plant with storehouse of chemicals.

The administration part of the building is designed at the second floor of two-floor building, where there are central vellum for the entire area for distillery, sanitary facilities, and offices. The base of the object is structurally formed by steel frame structures mutually reconnected by bracings and casings. The casing of the building consists of sandwich panels of light blue colour. The premises of the boiler room are lightened by opening belt windows.