Modernization of the power station Strarobeševo, Ukraine- I. and II.; II. and III. stage

Beneficiary:Slovenské energetické strojárne, a.s.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:January, 2000 - December, 2008

Basic information

The power station Strarobeševo is located in southern-eastern part of Ukraine, in the Doneck region. It is an object of heavy industry. The aim of the construction is to decrease gas and heating oils consumption in a substantial way, to replace black coal combustion by sludge produced in existing block, to decrease emissions and to introduce a technology of fluid combustion in atmospheric circulating layer in Ukraine.

The project is supervised by Donbasenergo and financed by EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and ECA (Exporting Credit Agencies).

The implementation of the entire project included:

  • demolition of existing boiler in the power station Starobeševo block 4, its accessory equipment, and filtration gas equipment
  • supply and assembly of boiler with atmospheric circulation by fluid layer with accessories, which shall replace the disassembled boiler and its connection to the existing turbine
  • system for exhaustion of slaggings and ashes equipment for exhaustion of dust and connection of gas pipes to the existing chimney
  • tanks with limestone and sand with respective systems for preparation, injection and exhaustion
  • tilting equipment for sludge
  • drying machine for sludge with a conveyor and edging systems
  • reconstruction of vellum of a new boiler electrical equipment and regulation system
  • related construction works

The construction of the power station Starobeševo started in the year 1954, whereas the first block was put into operation in the year 1958 and the last one in the year 1965. The first three blocks are being withdrawn from the operation at present, the remaining projected power station output is 2000 MW produced by 10 blocks.

Due to significant decreasing of the fuel quality in the last years as far as thermal capacity is concerned, which is now less than 17 250 kJ/kg (4 120 kcal/kg), the installed output of the power station has decreased to 1 750 MW for existing 10 blocks. The turbine of the block 4 has been updated recently and has electric output 210 MW.

The effort of Ukraine is to comply with the international standards for environment protection. Flues from the boiler shall be lead through the bag filter or through electrostatic filter. The Doneck region produces anthracite and bitumen coal. The sludge resulting form these two kinds of coal and sludge acquired from settling tanks contain still high content of coal.

These products have to be dried. Respecting the variety of the sludge being dried, a rotating pipe drying machine was made. The sludge is lead to the boiler during short periods of time several time a day with maximum exploitation of stocks. The entire project shall comply with the criteria of reliability, safety, fire and explosion resistance, health protection at work, and hygiene. Equipment is designed for operating life of 40 years.

The lifetime of wearable parts of the boiler shall not be shorter than 2 years and their replacement shall mean no difficulties for the customer. The whole equipment is centrally regulated from the vellum. The equipment shall be used for operation at the basic output, but it is not limited to it, and it can be used for operations on the highest output in the following years depending on the demands for electric current in Ukraine.