Ford central, Summit Motors Slovakia, Bratislava

Beneficiary:Summit Motors Slovakia, s.r.o.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:June, 2003 - November, 2003

Basic information

The purpose of the project FORD Headquarters of Summit Motors Bratislava is to create selling and administration premises and grounds for repairs and service of motor vehicles. The building is basement, scattered on the flat land lot, located to the north. The building is divided in three construction and diletation parts, namely shop, administration building, and repair shop. The building is grounded on the foundation foots made of plain concrete. The pillars of skeleton construction are placed in these foots.

The circuit shield is formed by glass wall combined with facing boarding system Alucobond cassette one, partially as bricked wall. The roof over the car exit is perspective vegetal. The administration building is made of monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton with bricked walls. The car repair shop is built as two-naval prefabricated hall with circuit shield made of cassettes of Rannila system. The lighting is solved by upper lighting of belt skylights. The roof shield is formed by bearing structure made of trapese profiles.

Upon the building permission from water supplies management, the following objects were implemented within the construction: sewage and drainage in the value of SKK 9,077,853.00 VAT excl.

Build-up area 4 012,6 m2.