Reconstruction of central town zone, Michalovce

Beneficiary:Mestský úrad Michalovce
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s
Construction duration:January, 2002 - November, 2002

Basic information

Unsuitable construction-technical condition of roads and engineering networks located below them was the main reason for commencement of the reconstruction of central municipal zone. The layout solution of Námestie osloboditelov square is derived from overall lenticular shape of the square given during the construction in 18th and 19th centuries.

The square is symetric in oblong direction east - west. The lenticular shape of the main street is supported by designed new alley and public lighting in separate routes, and lenticular adjustment of two internal parks. The life-giving element of the entire square is reconstructed central fountain with "Zemplín Spring" statute by academic sculptor Gibala.

Through the reconstruction a resting area was formed, which is heavily visited by inhabitants and town visitors. Effect of the sculpture, natural stone paving and tiling of the fountain, music and water movements according to the tunes of reproduced music with evening lighting has a high aesthetic effect and it became a very popular place for rest and just sitting around.

There is a cycling path with bitumen surface in the southern part of the square. The area between the building façade and park verdure is defined as pedestrian zone. This part is in oblong way divided into zone of "social activities", area for rapid dynamic movement of pedestrians and the area immediately next to façades of significant buildings and in front of the big department stores.

Upon the building permission from the water supply management the following objects were implemented within the construction: sewage, drainage in the total value of SKK 17,450,969.00 VAT excl.