Petrovce, reconstruction of the water-management junction of the lake Zemlínska Šírava

Beneficiary:Slovenský vodohospodárky podnik, š.p.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:March, 2004 - December, 2004

Basic information

The main aim is development of conditions of water-management junction Zemlínska Šírava situated near Petrovce as a part of complex of water-management construction works and mechanisms providing the protection of Východoslovenská nížina lowlands against flood as well as improving the Laborec use for industrial and agricultural purposes.

The implemented regulation object is designed next to the presently existing distributing object in the dam of the inflow channel.The object consists of one ferro-concrete block built of the water-construction frost-resistant concrete with ground plan size 31 x 31.4 m which the inflow panel and outflow wing are connected to. The new regulation and distributing object is transferred by diluvial watercourses into the Laborec under the water-management junction Petrovce.

The object is designed as a water gate with two fields of the width 2 x 12 metres. The pre-stressed girders have been used for the implementation of bridging and at the same time are used as a highway communication for the purposes of object maintenance. The switchboards for control of segmental plugs and electric lighting of the water-management construction work are in the operating room above the regulation object in the central leading pillar.

The volume of concrete used in the construction is 5 500 m3.