Tourist centre Sninské Rybníky

Beneficiary:Združenie Horný Zemplín
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:January, 2003 - April, 2003

Basic information

The center is located in the recreational region of Sninské Rybníky at the edge of the town of Snina. This construction is implemented from supporting financial means of the program PHARE.

The entire extent of works was divided in the following parts:

  • playgrounds and sports fields
  • tourism information center hygienic facilities electricity Universal playgrounds,
  • tennis courts and basketball playgrounds with various quality of surface are designed in slight slope in the recreation region of Sninské Rybníky and in sports area of Zemplínske Hámre.

The tourism center in the central part of recreational region Rybníky joins access road and the main parking lot. The building is two-floor which consists of ground floor and attic. The purpose of information center is providing of information to visitors and administration of the recreational region.

This area is connected to newly designe engineering networks, water distribution, sewage and electricity network. By construction in this area the services for visitors recieved a higher quality, as by now operating social facility were not suitable from point of view of hygiene and capacity.

Build-up area: 57,80 m2
Utility area: 213,60 m2