Supermarket Novij, Uzghorod

Beneficiary:Karpatransbud, s.r.o.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:March, 2006 - December, 2006

Basic information

Purpose of that building is to make the conditions for operating the shopping center of large area, supermarket type, its classification for retail network in region and amplification of services of that character and area equipment according to town planning documentation of Uzhgorod.

Shopping facility has the universal role that includes mostly groceries selling and some chosen nonfood goods Supermarket is designed as simple, large area shopping complex with clearly differentiated movement of customers and with the flow of goods.

Its total disposition concept comes from dividing the object pursuant to its function:

  • salesroom in a middle of the disposition
  • entrance part with business passage-way
  • Zone of interior for administration on the I. and the II. over ground floor
  • technological block
  • storages for packed groceries and for nonfood goods

There are the changing rooms with sanitary facilities and daily room placed in Zone of interiors on the I. over ground floor, for management on the II. over ground floor. Technological block is separate sector. Salesroom is a type of self-service selling of above mentioned goods, with collecting payment and it creates one shopping place. Daily light for area of salesroom is assured by roof lights.

Supermarket object consists of reinforced concrete framework structure. It is ground –floor object with ground clearance of 6,5m up to the tie-beams and it creates one expansion unit, in one part two-storied. Trapezial plastic coated metal makes the bearing capacity of roof deck structure, which is connected to binding rafter and bracings up with bolting-on or shot fired fixing. External cladding is made of wall metal sandwich panels.

Total architectural and object disposition is complex elaborated in co-operation with professional workers of future beneficial owner, with whom this proposed design was discussed about and finely approved. Architectural object countenance is subjected to VOPAK standard, taking into account the givenness of territory, on which the construction is executed.

Build –up area is of: 4 816 m2