Supermaket Tesco, Gelnica

Beneficiary:TESCO STORES, a.s.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:August, 2009 - November, 2009

Basic information

Investor's business plan is to build a commercial network, which includes the business establishments in Gelnica. The dominant part is the sale of food, which is accompanied by other sectors: kitchenware, drugstore, electronics, office accessories, stationery, car accessories, clothing and footwear.

The proposed facility is based on project type TESCO adapted to local conditions. Simple mass solution of object - a rectangular floor plan, meets current requirements. Entrances for customers on land as well as entrance of delivery are combined into one common entrance to the land which is situated on Hnilecka street.

Parking for customers provides 52 parking places, of which 2 are for disabled. Tesco building design consists of reinforced concrete frame dimensions 46.0 m x 28.0 m, height 3.15 m.

Built up area: 1 400 m2.
Total area of land: 6 821.2 m2.