South City Zone C1-2 stage, SO 01-Plate House, SO 03-Town villas- South and infrastructure

Beneficiary:Delta Construction, s.r.o.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:July, 2011 - November, 2012

Basic information

Residential Complex South City grows along an existing road I. / 2 Bratislava – Rusovce, in yet unbuilt area in Petržalka. On the territory of ​​nearly 5 ha, 70 houses will be built in a row houses divided into blocks of 2, 4 and 6 buildings and 192 one to five rooms apartments in low-floor residential buildings. There was also a space for a recreational area created with a small pond and a playground for children, which enhances the comfort of home.

The complex consists of five dominates: 2 south residential buildings, 2 North residential houses and Plate (West) residential house with good amenities and friendly social environment. Residential buildings consists of a one underground floor, which is under the whole object and its bulk is mass garage for maximum of 50 cars and technical areas, of five storey, where the 2nd  to 5th above ground floors are meant only for the living. On the 1st above ground floor are two separate areas of operation and business services designed, besides flats and LV switchgear and UPS, separately for any above ground part of the building.
The exclusive location in the nature of the meadow forests with excellent opportunities for relaxation and also the closeness of capital city Centrum provides unique living conditions for those who prefer modern home trends. 

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