Reconstruction of Tesco in Košice

Beneficiary:TESCO STORES, a.s.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:August, 2007 - October, 2007

Basic information

The purpose of the reconstruction-Refit of the engineering structure OD Tesco are the partially changes of purpose for premises utilization on the 1st underground storey and 5th aboveground storey, and relating to this remodelling. 1st underground storey (1.PP) - there is a new shop area of groceries created which is connected to the existing grocery shop area on the 1st aboveground storey.

Connection of these both storeys is by means of travolators to the shop area, and by means of staircase and escalators outside of this shop area. Supplying from the 1st underground storey to the 1st aboveground storey is enlarged by construction of a new freight elevator up to 1,000 kg in the part of the former engine hall ZTI.

1st aboveground storey (1.NP)

The purpose of this storey utilization remains the same as it was. A part, where is the Fresh food situated, is changed only. There are the travolators added in the shop area, and staircases and escalators are added outside of the shop area under the existing escalators.

2nd aboveground storey (2.NP), 3rd aboveground storey (3.NP), 4th aboveground storey (4.NP)

There are the changes on these storeys related to the arrangement of offices and hygienic facilities accessible from communication premises.

5th aboveground storey (5.NP) 

A part of this storey will be used as storage premises. The remaining part of this storey has been modified for social-operational purposes, i.e. dressing-rooms for staff and offices. Reconstruction works are designed within the engineering structure. External connections remain the original ones, because the requirements for this engineering structure are not increased from the view of capacity. Abbreviations used:

1. NP – 1st aboveground storey
1. PP – 1st underground storey.