New boarder crossing in Uzhgorod

Beneficiary:The State Customs Service of Ukraine
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:August, 2006 - December, 2007

Basic information

Construction of a new frontier crossing belongs to the category of a new work. It is built on the former areas of vineyard. The purpose of this construction is to decongest of the original access road to the frontier, by reason of increasing the performance of passages of lorries, and provision of their continuous operation and, as well as, provision of good availability to the frontier crossing.

Two (2) buildings and objects of external infrastructure relating to them (water distribution, sewer systems, gas distribution, waste treatment plant (ČOV), public lighting (VO), roads) form a part of this complex. The main engineering structure is the administration building serving as a formation of rooms for duly performance of the customs authorities.

Three-storeyed administration building has got a shape of ship. There is the load-bearing part of this engineering structure formed by the monolithic foundation, brick-walls, columns and monolithic reinforced concrete (ZB) floors there. There is the roof formed by the wooden truss and corrugated roofing. Sheds made of steel construction (OK) and with corrugated roofing and skylights, placed around both sides of this engineering structure, form also a part of the main building. There is the separately standing terminal for lorry control placed to the south of the administration building. It is a construction of hall type with flat roof and shaft built for lorry control.

The engineering structures are accessible through the newly-built access road, including parking lots with area of 21,844 m2.

Built-up area: 5,486 m2