Hypernova, Rimavská Sobota

Beneficiary:Hypernova, Rimavská Sobota
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:May, 2004 - August, 2004

Basic information

The largest area of the hypermarket in a rectangular form is covered by the shopping centre and manipulation-storing premises, while part of the utility premises extend on two floors. The purpose is to sell grocery and non-grocery commodities.

The load-bearing structure is made of ferro-concrete pillars, outer mantling is made of layered pre-fabricated panels. The dominant part of the object is a glassy façade, which completes the front with the combination of characteristic blue, yellow, white, and grey colours.

The object is accessible through a newly constructed access road including parking lots for 317 passenger cars. Included within the hypermarket are rented (leased) premises with additional assortment of goods and services (catering, children´s centre). The fillig station is also a part of the Hypermarket Hypernova.

Built-up area of the hypermarket 5.913 m2.
Built-up area of roads and parking lots 9.684 m2.
Internal space of the shopping centre 42.232 m3.