Hypermarket COOP Jednota, Košice

Beneficiary:Jednota SD, Pov. Bystrica
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:June, 2000 - December, 2000

Basic information

The building has been completed in order to improve civil facilities of the housing estate. The whole building complex includes abundance of parking places and functionally complements sales facilities of housing estate "Nad Jazerom" in Košice and of the adjacent villages. The construction was implemented in the exposed area.

It was a rather difficult reconstruction of the former dairy building. At first phase the connection to water supply, sewerage, gas, electricity and weak- current installation was implemented. Subsequently the floor and roof was restored. Installation of plaster cardboard traverses has created new arrangement, which can be easily dismantled anytime in the future. The steel floors give the area hygienic and practical appearance. The building has fire proof coating and fire alarm system. The object has its own boiler room and hot water generation unit.

The functional building of a supermarket itself has the total floor area of 8 369 m2. Solid concrete surfaces around the building have the total area of 11 900 m2 enabling approach to the supermarket as well as creating of 372 parking places.