District Labor Office, Michalovce

Beneficiary:Národný úrad práce
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:November, 1997 - October, 2000

Basic information

The project includes reconstruction of the former kindergarten building. The ojective of the reconstruction has been to create rooms for the central archives and the offices for the District Labor Office in Michalovce.

The building has an interesting ground-plan with sections consisting of independent pavilions, which are mutually interconnected by corridors. The canteen and the entrance have been added to the building.

The reconstruction necessitated replacement of insulation, technical equipment of the buildings, partialy of floors, as well as opening structures, plastering and plumbing. The most interesting part of structure is the roof, which has changed the original appearance of building. The wooden root enabled creation of attic spaces with interesting elements on the roof windows.

Considering its location in a busy part of the town the building has been secured by a fence. The area surrounding the building has been turned into a park and part has been provided by solid surface with parking area. A new connection to the civic network has been built for these objects.

Build-up area is 17 230 m2.