Building-technological reconstruction and modernization of NITLDandTS Vyšné Hágy in order to provide comprehensive health care

Beneficiary:National Institute of Tuberculosis, Lung Diseases and Thoracic Surgery
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:September, 2009 - December, 2010

Basic information

National Institute of Tuberculosis, Lung Diseases and Thoracic Surgery is located in the mountain area in the village Vyšné Hágy at the southern slopes of the High Tatras. It is located in the National Tatry protection Park and building of the hospital itself is registered as a cultural monument.

Facility of national institute is an eight-floor building which primary function is to provide highly specialized diagnostic-therapeutic health care. Ground-plan is divided into five parts which are interconnected. Reconstruction and modernization will affect only selected parts, namely:

1. above ground floor - part A West
5. above ground floor - part North, Middle, B, C
6. above ground floor - Part B, C

The aim of the solution is to achieve by internal disposition solution and technical equipment a level corresponding to the latest requirements and principles of medical service.