Aquapark Raztoky, I.stage

Beneficiary:Tatra Development Group, a.s.
Supplier:Chemkostav, a.s.
Construction duration:October, 2002 - July, 2003

Basic information

The purpose of the construction "Thermal Swimming Pool TATRALANDIA" is to create the premises for rest, recreation, swimming, and making use of attractions on the northern bank of Liptovská Mara dam.

The construction is a set of Service centre with solarium, Water Paradise with toboggans and six relax swimming pools with thermal water. Architectonic solution forms the substance of service centre into clear shapes with assessment of functional background for artistically abundant water areas.

The ground plan of the object is formed into regular rectangle emphasizing two-floor substance at the entry into the area and restaurant part. The roof planes are designed askew with shaped connection to individual roof planes and roofed entrance. The object architecture reflects the Celtic motif using the entry tower, palisade in front of the southern façade, stone casing and wooden elements in the building façade.

The façade of the building is yellow ochre, windows and doors are made of brown plastic, and plinth section is made of structural natural stone. The object is roofed by system of askew roofs, there is a roof plane designed in four angles over the main substance, from the side for visitors it has a character of mansard, in the eastern part there is a console with two angles.