Medzilaborce Municipal Office

Our company signed a contract with the city of Medzilaborce for the implementation of the project: "Reduction of the energy demand of the building of the city office of Medzilaborce". The start of work is expected in the fall of this year. The handover of the entire work is scheduled for the end of February 2024, i.e. the entire project is to be completed within 18 months of taking over the construction site.
The main purpose of the project is to insulate the facade, roof and related construction modifications, which will improve the thermal and technical parameters of building structures. For the renovation of the building by insulation, it is assumed that the contact insulation system will be used in compliance with the thermal engineering, fire safety and static parameters.
Construction modifications will consist of:
1/ insulation of the perimeter walls of the building
2/ insulation of basement and garage ceilings
3/ roof insulation
4/ replacement of windows
5/ replacement of garage doors
6/ construction of new gutters
7/ construction of brick shelters over English courtyards
8/ replacement of tinsmith products (plating of external window sills, attic plating, gutter
    system on the counter roof of the large meeting room)
9/ assembly of the anchoring structure for installing solar panels on the gable roof (see
    part of UVK)