Hospital AGEL Košice - Šaca

At the end of April 2022, we took over the construction site: AGEL Hospital Košice - Šaca - Creation of the operating part of the cardio center on the 2nd floor of the "B" block, which was first preceded by demolition work. The contract for the work was signed with the AGEL Hospital Košice - Šaca on March 14, 2022.

The subject of the project is construction modifications and maintenance work connected with the modification of unused premises of the Košice - Šaca Hospital for the creation of the premises of the AGEL Košice - Šaca Cardiocentre. For the needs of the proposed cardio center, unused spaces will be used on the 2nd floor of the existing building "B" - a complementary part, where the intervention part of the cardio center will be created, serving the needs of the investor - AGEL SK a.s. The solved premises are located in the existing building "B" in the complex of the local hospital in the Košice - Šaca district in the cadastral area of ​​Šaca on plot no. 1053. In connection with the creation of the surgical part of the cardiocentre, the premises on the 10th and 12th floors of the existing building "A" will be adapted - the ward part, where ward wards will be created, namely the ward ward of cardiology and cardiac surgery on the 10th floor and ward arrhythmology, and angiology on the 12th floor The premises in this part of building "A" are currently used for the same purpose, i. on the 10th floor is located II. internal ward and on the 12th floor and is located in the ward of the long-term sick. Since the solved spaces are currently used for the same purposes and within the construction modifications there will be only dispositional changes of the solution of the space without increasing the capacity of the bed part and therefore these interventions do not change the purpose of use. Due to the size of the floor and the operation of the individual departments, the construction work will be carried out in two stages. Within the 1st stage, solved by this project, demolition works will be carried out first, which will be followed by construction works connected with the creation of a new layout solution. In the 2nd stage, which will be solved by a separate project documentation, the expansion of the premises of the operating part of the cardio center to the other part of the 2nd floor of building "B" will be solved, with the exception of the unresolved premises of the Sports-artro center. The premises after the implementation of the proposed building modifications will fulfill the function of modern medical premises for the needs of the investor Hospital Košice - Šaca a.s. 1. private hospital.