Gemersk√° Poloma talc treatment plant - 2nd stage

Four years have passed and we are returning to the scene. To the place where we built a plant for the treatment, refining and recovery of talc raw material. Chemkostav, a.s. took over on 18.05.2020 the construction site on the construction site "Gemersk√° Poloma talc treatment plant - 2nd stage". Work on this project should be completed by the end of 2020. The investor of the mentioned construction is the company EUROTALC s.r.o.

The planned talc treatment plant is situated in the industrial zone of the village Gemersk√° Poloma, which is located about 4 km as the crow flies north of the village. The operation itself is situated in the borderline connection to the existing operation for talc extraction. The site in question already has the basic technical and transport infrastructure necessary for the implementation of the submitted plan. Absent elements of the infrastructure in terms of future needs of the considered production operation (gas connection, HV supply) necessary for the actual operation of the talc treatment plant are solved by separate projects in parallel during the construction permitting procedure. Our company will carry out work on all buildings, from the operating files it will carry out PS14 and PS18.

Construction division:

Buildings: SO 11 - crushing and sorting, SO 33 rain sewer, SO 36 external high-current distribution, SO 37 - external low-current distribution, SO 38 - outdoor lighting, SO 41 - roads and paved areas. Operating files: PS 11 - crushing and sorting, PS 13 - optical sorting, PS 14 - water treatment, PS 17 production and distribution of compressed air, PS 18 - transformer station.

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