Ceremonial opening of the bus section of the TIOP Trebišov terminal

On April 19, 2023, as part of the "ŽSR, Trebišov Integrated Passenger Transport Terminal" project, with the participation of representatives of the ŽSR, the Ministry of Transport, the Košice Self-Governing Region, Arriva and the City of Trebišov, we participated in the ceremonial opening of the bus section of the TIOP Trebišov terminal, with subsequent operation from April 20. 2023.
The transferred part of TIOP Trebišov includes construction objects: access path to the underpass, modification of the access road in front of the ŽSR reception building, bus platforms, access path and paved areas for passengers and pedestrians, terminal roads, parking areas for buses, public transport shelter, garbage shelter containers, platform roofs, pictograms and furniture, ŽSR sewage re-laying, platform roof rainwater drainage, road drainage, paved and parking areas, water supply and sewer connection to the new operational and technological building, LT DN 200 VVS a.s. water pipe re-laying, outdoor lighting – temporary connection , platform lighting for buses, LV connection.
The goal is the construction of the Terminal of Integrated Passenger Transport (TIOP) in Trebišov, as part of the integrated transport system in the Košice self-governing region. TIOP Trebišov will allow passengers a quick, safe and comfortable transfer between personal individual and mass transport, with a focus on the supporting system of rail transport. At the same time, it will make it possible to optimize the share of passenger transport within the entire region.