Ceremonial handover in Bardejov

Chemkostav, a.s. Michalovce yesterday participated in the ceremonial handover of part of the work "Building the tract of emergency medicine - building part SO03 Extension to the children's ward". The contract for work was signed with Bardejov Hospital on 09.10.2018. The date of signing the contract was also the date of commencement of construction. This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

The aim of the whole project is to build a tract of emergency medicine, reconstruction, modernization of the main monoblock of the pavilion “C” on the 1st floor within the hospital complex, establishing urgent income in the main monoblock „C1” on the I. NP, paved areas for EMS and newly proposed access road with connection to ul. Ťačevská for the provision of health care within the area of ​​NsP Sv.Jakuba, n.o., Bardejov. The aim of the implementation of “SO 03 Additions to the Children's Department” was to increase existing capacities.

The extension to the children's ward was connected through the connecting corridor to the existing part of the building through the designated part, which was structurally adapted and adapted to the connection. The building consists of 2 floors. On the first floor are located ambulances and facilities for doctors and nurses. The ambulance is located waiting room, warehouse and sink. Na II. NP are rooms with sanitary facilities for patients and nurses. In the connecting neck there is an escape staircase to the terrain, on the west side. The main entrance to the extension is in the connecting neck from the east side is barrier-free, solved by walking ramp.

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