Building modifications II.NP - Department of radiation oncology FNsP J.A.Reimana, Hollého 14, Prešov

On June 24, 2019, there was J.A. Reiman in Prešov and our company to sign another contract for work. The subject of the contract is the realization of construction works on II. NP, at the Department of Radiation Oncology. Expected date of completion of these works is expected in October 2019.


The reconstruction of the internal pavilion will be carried out in the premises of FNSP J.A.Reimana Prešov. The building of the internal pavilion has one underground and four above-ground floors. The building is now empty because the entire internal department has moved to a new pavilion. Construction work on the internal pavilion will only be transferred to II.NP. On the first floor there will be ambulances and facilities for doctors, in the III.NP and IV.NP there will be inpatient wards for patients, and in the first floor there will be ambulances and technical facilities for the building, which will remain in the original state. On the 2nd floor there will be done construction modifications of the bed department of radiation oncology in the left part and in the right part there are social spaces for patients and doctors' workplaces. There is no change in purpose, only spaces are occupied by another department. The building in which the construction work will be carried out is connected to all engineering networks. Existing in-house communications are conducted to the building. The existing entrances to the workplace remain unchanged.