Apartment building Kysucká 16 Košice "Kosmalt"

The former Kosmalt tourist hostel in Košice will soon be transformed into a new apartment building. We have taken over the building site and plan to hand over the work by the end of July 2024.
The original purpose of the building was to provide accommodation services. The building is located in terrain with a slight slope rising towards the west on Kysucka Street in Košice. The proposed object is planned as an apartment building or a building used for accommodation with additional functions - office and operating space rental. As part of the exterior, the renovation of the roof, facade and related structures, renovation of steel platforms, construction of retaining walls, landscaping and works related to the modification of utility networks are planned. As part of the interior work, selected load-bearing partitions will be demolished. Selected windows, all marked interior doors and entrance doors to the building will be changed. The elevators will also be dismantled and changed. The replacement of elevators is planned until the stage of preparing the electrical installation. The ceramic tiles of the sanitary areas will be thrown away. On selected sections of the walls, the paintings will be cut off and replaced, depending on the location and designation of the room table, either with new gypsum plasters or ceramic tiles. The building will be characterized as an apartment building "as is". New additional and commercial spaces with separate entrances from the exterior will be created. The residential function will consist of 506 residential cells.