Prison in Macedonia – final building approval

On July 17th 2018 a final building approval of construction „Construction and reconstruction of buildings in the prison complex - the detention centre IDRIZOVO“ was carried out.

Company Chemkostav has with this particular construction started its business in 2014 in Macedonia. Also, the construction is the first prison in company’s portfolio.

More about the object and the course of construction was discussed during the interview with Ing. Mite Stojkovski, director of organizational unit in Macedonia. The interview (below) was originally published in company’s magazine Michalovský Chemkostav.

Describe the project from the construction point of view.

Project „Construction and reconstruction of buildings in the prison complex - the detention centre IDRIZOVO“ is divided into 3 stages. We have realized its 1st stage, which goal was to construct new objects within the area of the prison object as well as to reconstruct the original buildings, which will further serve as administration and training centre with accommodation for policeman. The construction of the project included demolition works on the 16 old buildings on the total area of 10,400 m2 and construction of new prison facilities for men in open compartments department with the area of 5,550 m2, and semi-open compartments with the area of 4,650 m2. The new prison complex required construction of a new 1,000 EO waste water treatment plant, a new water supply system, a sewerage system, an irrigation system, and an electrical network. Furthermore, new roads were constructed, as well as sidewalks and pedestrian zones, parks and green areas with the total area of 15,820m2, and construction of two multifunctional sport areas. Not less important was construction of fences – a concrete fence in the height of 5.4m and length of 348m, a metal fence in the height of 4m and length of 325m, a metal fence in the height of 4,5m and length of 675m, and a metal fence in the height of 2m and length of 633m.

What was the most complicated part during the construction?

First to mention is that the whole construction was implemented under the conditions of the existing prison with 1,900 prisoners at that time. Second challenge was the construction itself and montage of 927 prefabricated concrete panels with the weight ranging between 1 000 and 8 500 kg. They were prefabricated in the factory in Skopje and by special means transported on the site. In order to install them, we had to arrange a special crane fulfilling conditions of high load pressure and which is able to move on crane track. Third point to mention is that ongoing construction was in the area of high ground water (-60 cm), which level we had to be lowering during the whole construction.

The last to mention is the problem with project documentation for prefabricated concrete panels, which was missing important details. We teamed up our engineers and partners and thanks to his cooperation we updated all missing details in the project documentation. It took us 4 months.

How would you evaluate cooperation with the investor?

Cooperation with the investor on the level of directors and level of technicians was very good. Investor set up especially for this project experienced team of engineers. At the same time, we were getting constant support from investor representatives. Without their help the construction will not be at the stage it currently is. We were facing some administrative difficulties at the beginning resulting from different legislatives in Macedonia and in Slovakia. However, same as in other life situations, all the beginnings are difficult.

Are the most subcontractors from Macedonia? How was the cooperation with them?

95% of subcontractors come from Macedonia. Outside of Macedonia we subcontracted only steel from Bulgaria and fire doors from Italy. Back in 2014, when we were starting with the business in Macedonia, company Chemkostav was relatively unknown. We did not have any history to build on and nobody was considering cooperation with us. At the beginning many companies did not want to work for us and their offers were not acceptable. Only with patient work, constant meetings and recommendations from our friends we were able to build correct business partner relationship..
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